User Guide

1. Joining a Room
Just got here and aren’t sure what to do next? Go ahead and join a Room. The first thing you’ll see once you log into JQBX is the Lobby. Each active Room is listed here. To join a Room, simply click or tap on its highlighted region.
Giving Feedback
When you join the room, there’s a good chance you’ll feel some type of way about what’s playing. So let the DJ know!
  • Click or tap the thumbs up icon if you think the currently playing track is Dope
  • Conversely, click or tap the thumbs down button if you think the currently paying track is Lame
Make Note: Once you choose, you cannot change your vote.
Starring Tracks
If you really like a song, tap or click the Star icon in the Currently Playing field of JQBX, and the song will be added under to Starred tab in the Music Management field as well as the the JQBX Starred playlist that is automatically added in Spotify when you sign up for JQBX
Being a DJ
You may want to stay a while in the Room that you joined to share your own tastes, so let’s find some music for you to play for everyone.
Adding Music to your Queue
  • Select the Search tab from the Music Management field in the left column JQBX. This will allow you to search through Spotify’s music catalogue. On Mobile: Select Queue in the Music Management Bar and then tap + Add More Tracks
  • Any song from the search results can be added to your Queue by clicking the + box in the song field’s upper right hand corner.
  • The + symbol will become a check mark when the song is successfully added to your Queue.
Previewing Songs
You will also find a play button located in the bottom right of each song field beneath the + box. Clicking this will allow you to Preview that song. The currently playing song will pause, and the song you selected to Preview will begin to play. Don’t worry! Only you can hear this Preview.
Entering the DJ Queue
  • To enter the DJ Queue, tap or click the Be a DJ button in the Currently Playing field.
  • When you Become a DJ, you will be added to the end of the DJ Queue.
  • The top song in your Queue will play when your DJ avatar reaches the far left of the DJ Queue.
  • Once this song is over, you will be moved to the back of the DJ Queue. Or, if you are the only DJ, the next song in your Queue will play.
Arranging your Queue
So now that you’re a DJ, it might be helpful to know how to move songs around in your Queue.
  • The X button removes that song from your Queue
  • The Star button moves that song to your Starred Tab
  • And the ^ button moves that song to the top of your Queue
  • You’ll also find a Preview button in the bottom right of the songs’ regions, exactly as they appear when Searching.
Make Note: You can also click and drag songs in your Queue to arrange them. On Mobile: a long hold will pop the song out of its place and allow you to drag it anywhere in your Queue.
Room Anatomy
We've already covered a good majority of a Room's anatomy in the previous section, but there are a few more things that you might have noticed in a JQBX Room.

Let's start at the top:
The Top Bar
The Top Bar contains the Back and Forward Arrows, Room Title, and a link to your Profile. You might have noticed the Export icon beside the Room Title (If you created the Room, you can also click the Room Title to edit the Room’s preferences).
Music Managment
In the Music Management column, there are three tabs at the top and three buttons at the bottom for navigation.
At the top:
  • The Queue tab is the default view in JQBX. Here you can manage your current Queue. Your top song here will be Up Next if you’re a DJ.
  • The Search tab allows you to search through Spotify’s music catalogue. Any song from the search results can be added to your Queue by clicking the + box in the song field’s upper right hand corner.
  • The Starred tab will display all of the songs you have starred. From these songs, you can either Delete them from your Starred songs, Add them to your Queue, or Preview them.
The buttons at the bottom of the Music Management column are:
  • The Empty button will clear the currently displayed list of songs. This cannot be undone!
  • The Shuffle button will shuffle the currently displayed list of songs.
  • The Export button will export the currently displayed list of songs as a Playlist. You can find this in the Spotify application, or in the Playlists tab below the Currently Playing field.
The Currently Playing Field
In the middle of column of JQBX, you'll find the Currently Playing field. In this region you can see the album artwork of the currently playing track, the song's title, artist. This is also where you can select to Be a DJ (or Step Down and even Skip your song if you already are a DJ).
  • The Sync button will get Spotify back on track with JQBX if they become disjointed.
  • And you can Mute the Room's sound by clicking the speaker icon.
  • You can also Add the currently playing track to your Queue, or Star it.
Below these, you’ll find the currently playing track’s length and progress.
The DJ Queue sits on top of the Room’s Messages. Here you can find who’s DJing and who’s on deck. You can also click on their Avatar to view their Profile.

Below the DJ queue are the Message region’s tabs: Messages, Playlists, and Notifications. The Messages is the default view in JQBX and shows the conversation that’s been going on in your Room. Say hello!

Clicking the Playlists tab will display all of your Spotify Playlists. If you select a playlist from the list, you can add it to your Queue. You’ll also see options to Star or Preview each song in the playlist. You can even Add it to your Queue if it’s not there already!

In the Notifications tab, you’ll see any Notifications you’ve received from the Room, like when someone gives you a Thumbs up.
Roomies & History
The righthand column in JQBX shows your Roomies. These are the wonderful folks free-handing the soundtrack to your day.

At the top of the column is The Dope/Lame Meter: you can tell how well received the currently playing track is at a glance. Giving a Dope thumbs up moves the needle to the right, and giving a Lame thumbs down moves the needle to the Left. If enough of your Roomies think the current track is Lame, it will get skipped.

Beneath The Dope/Lame Meter, you’ll see your Roomies tab, and right below that, you can Invite Someone to join the Room with you!

The Roomies tab will show all the people in your Room. You can see their Username, if they are typing, if they’re a DJ, whether they’re on Desktop or Mobile, and whether or not they are Active. Active users will display a green indicator, where users who are Away will have a yellow indicator.

Next to the Roomies tab is the History tab. Clicking the History tab will show a list of every song played in the Room.