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JQBX is a way for you to listen to music with other people at the same time. JQBX does this by utilizing the Spotify API. This means you get access to the entire Spotify library, but it also means you need to have a Spotify Premium account in order to use JQBX.

The core idea is that there are these things called rooms. Anyone can create a room and a room can be public or private. Within each room there can be one or more DJ's. Each DJ takes turns playing music and everyone else listens. When you're listening you can give the song a thumbs up, thumbs down, or star it for later.

We believe JQBX is an exciting and innovative way to discover new music and connect with friends and strangers alike. We hope you like it too! For more info see the sections below.

Header Bar

  • Rooms Link: This will take you back to the Rooms listing page. Note: if you are already on the rooms page it will take you to the Create Room page.
  • Active Devices: This shows which devices are available for Spotify playback. If you dont have any devices available or don't see your preferred device available you need to turn on Spotify and log into the account you used for your JQBX session. Once you've turned on Spotify, click the button and the new devices will load on the dropdown menu.
  • Help Link: If you have any questions about any particular page, click this button and it will send you to the relevant help page.
  • Account Link: Click here to navigate to the Account page where you can edit your username, user image, and other preferences.

Rooms Listing Page

  • All Rooms: This lists all of the rooms on JQBX in order of their popularity. Rooms are permanent unless they are completely inactive (no one enters, exits, or plays a track) for 30 days. Rooms with a icon are private and require a password to join.
  • My Rooms: This shows a list of the rooms for which you are either the creator or a moderator.
  • Favorite Rooms: This shows a list of the rooms that you have marked as your favorite. To mark a room as your favorite you need to first join it and then click the icon at the top next to the room's title.
  • Search: This shows the search form. You can search by title or genre. To use it just enter your search query and hit "Search" then the results will show in a list underneath the form.

Room Detail Page

There's a lot going on this page, so we'll break it down by section.

If you really like a song, tap or click the Star icon in the Currently Playing field of JQBX, and the song will be added under the Starred tab in the Music Management field as well as the JQBX Starred playlist that is automatically added in Spotify when you sign up for JQBX.

1Room Detail Page : Header

  • Room Title: This shows the room title. If you are a moderator or if you created the room you can click it and you will be taken to the Edit Room page. A icon indicates that the room is private.
  • Invite Link: Clicking on this will generate an invite link and copy it to your clipboard. This link can then be used to share the room with friends.
  • Favorite Room: Clicking the icon will add the room to your favorites and change it a icon. Alternatively if you click the icon it will remove the room from your favorites.

2Room Detail Page : Queue, Search & Starred

  • Queue: This lists all of the tracks in your queue. When it's your turn to DJ the Queue at the top of your track will play next. Once it's played it will either cycle to the bottom or be removed from your queue depending on your preferences. Your queue is a playlist called JQBX :: Queue on your Spotify account. You can edit your JQBX :: Queue playlist through Spotify whenever you like. If you do that however, you need to press the "Sync" button to keep them aligned.
  • Search: The search tab lets you search for tracks to add to your queue. Simply enter a search query and click the icon to add the track to the top or bottom of your queue depending on your preferences.
  • Starred: Your starred playlist is a quick way for you to keep track of songs you like. Whenever you see a icon you can click it to add that track to your queue. Your starred playlist can be found within Spotify under JQBX :: Starred.
  • Track Actions: You can click the icon to remove a track from your Queue or Starred list respectively. The will add the track to your Starred playlist and the icon will push the track to the very top of your Queue.
  • Track Preview: Clicking this button will preview the track for 30 seconds. If you hit pause or if 30 seconds have elapsed playback will resume automatically and you will continue to be in sync with the rest of the room.
  • Empty Queue: Clicking this will empty all of the tracks in your Queue or starred playlist respectively.
  • Shuffle Queue: Clicking this will shuffle all of the tracks in your Queue or starred playlist respectively.
  • Export Queue: Clicking this will export all of the tracks in your Queue to a Spotify playlist. You will receive a notification when the playlist gets exported successfully.

3Room Detail Page : Current Track

  • Track Info: Shows the title and artists of the track that is currently being played in the room.
  • Track actions: "Be a DJ" will add you to the DJ Queue. "Sync" will sync your audio with the room. It will also sync your JQBX :: Queue and JQBX :: Starred playlists with what's on Spotify. will add the track to your queue and will add the track to your starred playlist.
  • Track duration: Shows the current position of the track that is being played for all members of the room.

4Room Detail Page : DJ Queue

  • Dj Queue: This lists all of DJ's currently in the room. After each track gets played the DJ's will cycle from right to left. The DJ which is on the left gets a teal circle to indicate that he/she is the one who is currently playing the track.

5Room Detail Page : Chat, Playlists & Notifications

  • Messages: Here you can see all the messages that have been sent within the room. To create a new message just type in the input box and hit send. You can add emojis by hovering over the emoji on the right side of the input bar.
  • Playlists: This tab shows all of your Spotify playlists. You can pick and choose tracks from your playlists and add them to your queue or you can add the entire playlist to your queue by clicking "Add Queue to Playlist" on the top right.
  • Notifications: Sometimes JQBX needs to send you a notification. For example: whenever you're a DJ and someone stars your track or gives you a thumbs up/down you will get a notification. Those notifications will show up on this tab.

6Room Detail Page : Meter

  • Thumbs Down: If you don't like a track, you can give it a thumbs down. If half or more of the room gives a track thumbs down it will automatically skip.
  • Thumbs Up: Show your appreciation to the DJ by giving a thumbs up.
  • Meter: This shows how many thumbs up or thumbs down a track has gotten. If 100% of the room gives a track a thumbs up, the meter will be all the way to the right.

7Room Detail Page : Roomies & Track History

  • Roomies: This lists each member of the room. The icons on the right do the following (from left to right): 1. Show if the user is typing 2. Show if he/she is a DJ 3. Show what device they are on 4. Show if they are currently active.
  • History: This shows a list of the tracks which have been played in the room from most recent to least recent. You can export the track history to a Spotify playlist by clicking the "Export to Playlist" button.

User Settings Page

  • Change Image: Click on the image to change your default image. You can upload a new image up to 1MB. You can also have a separate image for when you give a thumbs up, thumbs down, or when you are the current DJ. To change those click on the option you want to edit and then click on large circle at the top to swap in a new image.
  • Change Username: Enter a new username and hit save to update your username. By default your username is equal to your Facebook display name or, if you don't have one it defaults to your Spotify ID.
  • Settings: Here you can toggle several different settings.

    If you would like to unsubscribe from the mailing list just click on the checkbox next to I would like to receive invitations to JQBX events.

    If you would like to stop being notified when people you follow become a dj, deselect Email me when people I follow become a DJ.

    If you would like to stop being notified when rooms you create or manage are going to be deleted deselect Email me when any of my rooms are about to expire.

Create Room Page

  • Room Title: Input the title of the room. This can be changed later.
  • Room Visibility: You can set a room to private or public. If you want it to be private you will be prompted to enter a password. The password will be required for anyone who is not a moderator of the room.
  • Room Genre: You can optionally add a genre to a room. The genre is typically a loose idea of the types of music that should be played in a particular room. You can edit this later if you want.
  • Max # of DJs: This will be the max # of DJ's allowed in the DJ queue.
  • Room Handle: This will create a friendly URL for your room. This is useful if you want to share it on social media or make it easy to remember for other users.
  • Invite Friends: If you add email addresses to this list they will all receive an email invite when you create the room.

Edit Room Page

  • Room Admins: Add the Spotify URI of anyone who you would like to become a room admin. Admins have the power to create other admins, ban users, skip a DJ's turn, and boot DJs from the DJ Queue.
  • Banned Users: Add the Spotify URI of anyone who you would like to ban from the room. You can remove URI's by clicking the 'x' that appears on hover.

Banned Room Page

If you see this page it means you have been banned from that particular room. You can email us if you think this was done in error.

Password Page

If you see this page it means that you are trying to enter a private room. All private rooms have a password. If you enter the correct password then you will be allowed into the room.

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